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  • Performance Athletes
    Is Injury affecting your performance?

    A rapid diagnosis and effective treatment plan can get you back on track sooner than you think.
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  • Seniors
    Are you finding it harder to do
    everyday physical tasks?

    Growing older needn't mean giving up being active.
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  • Work-related injuries
    Are you feeling the strain of a
    physically demanding job?

    You've got deadlines to meet and bills to pay just like anyone else.
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  • Young athletes
    Has your young athlete been
    sidelined by injury?

    Children get sports injuries too
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  • Pregnant women
    Is pregnancy slowing you down?

    Who said you can't keep fit whilst you're pregnant?
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Welcome to Proactive Sports Medicine. Proactive Sports Medicine is a personalised, consultant-led, sports injury diagnosis, management and rehabilitation service, dedicated to restoring optimal function and performance no matter what your sport or level of physical activity.
Marathon injuries (and how to avoid them!)
By Dr Courtney KippsThe marathon is a healthy event for most but can be a physical challenge for some. Injuries that occur on the day receive a lot of attention, not least because they ...