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Is injury affecting your performance?

A rapid diagnosis and effective treatment plan can get you back on track sooner than you think. Often we push on through the pain or let injuries niggle in the expectation that most things get better with time and rest. And indeed many do, but sometimes recovery stalls or simply doesn’t get much better. Persistent discomfort, pain or swelling have considerable negative effects not just on performance, but also quality of life, and usually indicate that something is wrong. These injuries need a thorough assessment and an accurate diagnosis. At ProActive Sports Medicine we understand the demands athletes place on their bodies and we know what it will take to get them back to peak performance.

"I greatly appreciated the care and thoroughness of your examination. My morale has been much improved by your diagnosis and prognosis. I was playing tennis and sailing over the weekend so I'm fully back to an active life."
Matthew Symonds
"Thank you to Dr Kipps for the advice I received about a swollen foot. I am pleased to say that I managed four marathons in 5 weeks following my last appointment. I am running regularly with a mid foot landing and have had no recurrence of the problem. Long may that continue."
Alasdair Stuart
"Dr Kipps played "Sherlock Holmes" and discovered the cause of the pain in my knees, where others had failed. Dr Kipps was kind and genteel and has a lovely manner about him. I would have no problems in recommending him."
Nick Garston
"I suffered terrible back problems with my pregnancy and was referred to Dr Kipps. I'd never had physio and was highly sceptical that anything would relieve my agony. I only needed one session and I was cured! I got my life back, albeit with an enormous belly."
Mrs RZ
"I was deeply impressed by the thoroughness of Dr Kipps's examinations and also the care and clarity with which he explained to me his diagnosis and my likely progress. Naturally, I would hope not to have to consult Dr Kipps again, but if through some misfortune I suffer any similar injury, I shall do so immediately and with great confidence."
Harry Rajak, Professor Emeritus, School of Law, University of Sussex