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Marathon medicine
Latest news | March 26, 2013
Marathon Medicine, the annual London Marathon sports science and medicine conference, is taking place on Saturday 20th April 2013, the day before the London Marathon, in London. This conference remains the longest running of its kind world-wide and this year marks the 30th edition. Marathon Medicine...
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New website!
Latest news | March 12, 2013
Welcome to the new and updated Proactive Sports Medicine website! On our website you should find all the information you require to help you get back to exercise or match fitness in the shortest time possible. Click here to find out more about sports medicine. Please visit the clinics page if you wo...
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In the news
In the news | March 10, 2013
EVENING STANDARD / Dr Kipps was featured in London's Evening Standard newspaper in an article about doctors helping at the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games... TRIATHLON PLUS MAGAZINE / Dr Kipps contributed to an article on triathlon-related injuries featured in Triathlon Plus magazine......
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Publications | March 8, 2013
Hydration strategies of runners in the London Marathon (Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine, 2012)Click here to download pdf The incidence of exercise-associated hyponatraemia in the London marathon(British Journal of Sports Medicine, 2010)Click here to download pdf Second International Exercise-Ass...
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