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How much should I drink during a marathon? Wall Street Journal
In the news | February 23, 2015
Dr Courtney Kipps was featured in an article in the Wall Street Journal today on safe drinking practices during marathon running.

www.wsj.com/articles/ease-up-on-the-water-during-that-marathon-1424715632 By Rachel Bachman.

Dr Kipps says: “Drinking to thirst is a very effective and safe way to drink during any endurance sport, including the marathon. Drinking too much, which can happen when you underestimate your thirst, carries real health risks. Several half-marathon and marathon runners have died of exercise-associated hyponatraemia (“over-hydration”) in recent years directly caused by drinking too much. On the contrary, dehydration is not the enemy it is often made out to be. Research shows that weight loss and hypo- or under-hydration may actually benefit performance. Most races provide more than adequate amount of water and sports drinks at fluid stations along the course to cater for everybody, however you do not need to drink at every station. Drink when you feel thirsty.”
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